Why Prints?

Prints vs Digital Files : Which to Choose?

Most people these days seem to be interested in having only digital images. They think, “If only I can get a hold of those files, I can just print them out at Walgreens for really cheap.” This is very true- IF you ever get around to ordering those prints and if you don’t mind a huge difference in clarity and quality in your prints. I think alot of times, buying digitals goes something like this: You get that CD in your hot little hands, and think, “I will make pretty, pretty prints from these soon.” And somehow in the next couple of months, that CD gets pushed to the back of your desk drawer with all the other sad, forlorn receipts and broken pencils that no one loves. 🙁 Raise your hand if it’s ever happened to you. <<mine is raised, too.>>

More often than not, this IS the fate of your digital images. I want you to have custom portraits that make your walls come alive with the memories you and your family have made! This is why every session I do comes with an ordering session once your files are finished- it’s a premium service to you! I bring my tools to help design the art to display proudly in your home! Why else did you go to all the trouble to have portraits made?

For a thought-provoking argument re: prints vs digital files, go here. Seriously, do it. It’s worthwhile!





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