Meet Grace

Who is this Grace? Let’s get down to the neety greety.
Though I may have picked up a camera at a young age, it seems I also missed the day in kindergarten when they teach you how to walk without running into things (READ: childhood nickname- Spacey Gracie).  All of this colliding with walls, tables, etc. did not, however, break
1. my face
2. my first camera, or
3. my will to make awesome pictures one day.
All grown up now, and a bit more adept at maneuvering, I (as a girl) just wanna have fun. Fun to me is a pie eating contest. Or a trip to the puppy store.  A well-placed whoopee cushion under someone’s seat. Flying a kite.  A fake nose and glasses set to go “incognito”. Words like tomfoolery, malarkey, lollygag, fisticuffs, and chicanery. Fun is also meeting new people, making them giggle, and cranking out portraits that beam with personality.

If you want a portrait session that isn’t contrived, stiff, and uncomfy, I’d love to chitchat with you about making some fun, natural portraits you will love!

collagePhoto Credits: Luna Bella Photography & Hamilton Creek Photography

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